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Strawberry Cambridge Favourite AGM A+ Grade Fruit Plants

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Fragaria x ananassa

Strawberry Cambridge Favourite was developed back in the 1930's (in Cambridge of all places!), it has been a favourite with gardeners ever since. Cambridge Favourite popularity is due to its superbly sweet flavour, its ability to crop well whatever the summer or soil type and resistance to disease. You will be able to enjoy through June and into early July. Cambridge Favourite is often regarded as the finest variety for making strawberry jam.

Delivered as dormant bare rooted A+ grade plants.

A+ grade plants are grown through the summer months and covered with fleece in the beginning for added protection – only plants with a 15mm+ diameter size fall into this grade. The bare roots can be planted out as long as the ground is not frozen down to root level. They are characterised by having very well developed root systems and, on average, will go on to produce 3-4 trusses per plant which in turn will help to generate more flowers and fruit – 400g+ of berries per plant! We trialled A+ grade plants against standard runners in our trials and were very impressed with the results – around 50% more berries were harvested from the A+ grade plants!

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