Soaker Hose & Fittings 30m

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30m Hose, Fittings

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Soaker hose is a porous hosepipe which significantly reduces water wastage. It seeps small amount of water constantly into the soil over its whole length. It operates on a low pressure, and it can be attached to the water butt or to main water supply. It can be laid on the soil surface or permanently buried. It is best laid in loops to ensure even coverage.

Soaker pipes are very versatile and can be use around your garden to water:

ornamental borders, raised beds, shrubberies, vegetable and fruits, lawns, and orchards.

The outer diameter of the tubing is 16mm and inner diameter is standard size at 13mm. Made from recycled material.

If it is to be connected to a water butt, a suitable tap should be fitted to the butt (available as an accessory) and the head of water should be at least 1.2m/4ft above the level to be watered.

If used with main water supply, keep the tap partially turned on, as only low pressure is required.

Soaker pipes provide water to 50cm either side of the pipe dependant on soil-type. On well worked in soil it should be laid approx. 1m apart, on lawns about 30cm apart.

It is not recommended to have soaker pipes longer than 50m as the pressure may drop and affect the watering.

Supplied with: Straight connector x 1 and Tee connectors x 1, elbow x 1, end closure x 2. The Fittings are also available to buy.

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