Rootgrow for bare rooted plants 360g

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Rootgrow Gel is formulated to work with bare rooted plants ONLY- such as hedging, fruit canes, roses and trees.

Rootgrow contains mycorrhizal fungi which are soil inhabiting microorganisms together with an inert clay carrier which acts as a substrate for the fungi to grow through and a few bio-additives which enhance mycorrhizal colonisation. In most soils the level of mycorrhizal fungi living close to the plants roots is not high enough for plants to benefit from this special relationship where the plants are suppling carbon and sugars to fungus in return for lifetime nutrient supply.

Rootgrow is easy to use one application will last a life time. In a matter of weeks, after planting, the mycorrhizal fungi can increase the active root area of plants by up to 700 times resulting in:

•Earlier, better and more balanced growth resulting in more abundant flowers and fruit
•Healthier and more dense root system
•Increased ability to uptake nutrients from the soil, (the network of mycorrhizal fungi act like a net catching nutrients and preventing leaching)
•Better drought tolerance (due to the vast fungal root making best use of all available soil moisture)
•Better uptake of fertilisers and reduced need for synthetic or chemical fertilisers
•Increased uptake of sequestered elements (the ultra-fine fungal strands can unlock nutrients from the soil)
•Stabilisation of surface
•Reduced mortality of plants, especially specimen plants, roses and plants that are difficult to establish, or plants being transplanted (the mycorrhizal fungi colonise weak or damaged roots and start transferring nutrients and water to the rose much faster than its own roots)
•Improved resistance to soil pathogens and environmental stress

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