ROOT!T Thermostat and Medium Heat Mat Set

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1 Thermostat, 1 Medium Mat

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This money saving set contains a Thermostat and a Medium Heat Mat, giving you a saving of £6!

ROOT!T Heat Mat Thermostat
The ROOT!T Heat Mat Thermostat helps maintain the optimum rooting temperature for faster seedling and cutting growth. It does so by allowing you greater control over your growing environment, by monitoring the temperature and switching your heat mat on and off as required, within a pre-defined temperature range.
An easy to read digital display ensures that users are able to monitor temperatures and take action where required.
• 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
• Fits into any grow room (with any heat mat rated at 1000 W or lower)
• Easy to read displaying also has an illuminated warning system which Fahrenheit or Celsius
• 10°C/50°F - 30°C/86°F controllable temperature range
• Simple operation

Suitable for the ROOT!T Large and Medium Heat Mats.
1 x thermostat Unit with Plug, Plug Socket and Temperature Probe
1 x Multi- Language Instruction Booklet
Input 230V/50Hz
Max Load 1000W/4.3A
Temperature setting range 10°C/50°F - 30°C/86°F

ROOT!T Medium Heat Mat
These heat mats will allow you to start your propagation earlier or continue later in the season. A gentle heat is generated by the single mesh element encased inside a waterproof, fray-proof matting. They are ideal for withstanding a tough greenhouse environment. Uniform heat distribution will result in equal growth rates of your seeds, seedlings or cuttings. Heat Mats warm the root area 5.5-11°C above ambient temperature.

Mats can be placed underneath your propagator or directly on the table. Mats are waterproof and can be wiped clean and stored rolled up when not in use.

Cable length 170cm/67in. Size: 60 x 40cm/23.5 x 16in.

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