Raspberry Beetle Trap

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Raspberry Beetle grubs cause serious damage to raspberries, blackberries, and other cane fruits. The adult beetle is inconspicuous about 4mm long and dark brown in colour. It overwinters in the soil, emerging from April to early June. It feeds on leaves, flower buds and pollen, the lays eggs in flowers. On hatching the larvae feed inside the developing fruit and are often found in the fruits on picking.

The trap catches and kills adult beetles as they emerge from the soil in the late spring. The white vanes combined with a floral attractant lure act as a “super raspberry flower” that is irresistible to the beetles and draws them in to the funnel trap bucket below.

When to use:
4-6 weeks before flowering (April- May). With later flowering berries (loganberries and autumn fruiting raspberries- Primocanes) a second replacement attractant is recommended. Check the trap weekly and refill the water mix if necessary.

Endorsed by RHS. Made in UK.

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