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Growing vegetables in pots and containers is a great way to utilize your outdoor space. Whether you have been lucky enough to secure a whole plot, a small courtyard garden or you're limited to a balcony, you'll be amazed at just how much you can get out of your growing space. We have put together a fantastic and varied collection of varieties which are well suited to pots and containers for you to try.

The collection offers a SAVING of £4 and contains 6 packets, 1 each of the following varieties:

Squash (Winter) Butterbush F1 - If you love the flavour of butternut squashes, but feel you do not have the space to grow them, why not try growing this compact-growing variety. Butterbush yields up to five fruits of around 1kg each per plant. The perfect choice for containers, growbags and the smallest gardens.

Tomato Veranda - A compact outdoor type with all the sweetness of a greenhouse cherry tomato. The yield certainly matches the flavour with each plant producing up to 75 fruits. Plants show good resistance to Verticillium, Fusarium and some resistance to Late Blight.

Carrot Paris Market 5 (Atlas) - This ball-rooted early strain is perfect for growing in even shallow containers on the patio or balcony! Quick to mature and absolutely delicious, sow every two weeks for a continuous spring and summer supply.

Courgette Midnight F1 - The ideal courgette for containers just the job where space is limited, but you still want to grow top-quality, dark green fruits. The plants are naturally compact growers and, because they are spine-free, picking is easier. Midnight F1 does equally well in open ground, if preferred. Plant out after frost has passed, keep well watered in dry spells and you will soon be cutting masses of delicious, young courgettes. Most are best picked when about 15cm/6in long.

Pepper (sweet) Redskin F1 - The hanging basket pepper! This naturally dwarf, arching variety is also ideal for other containers. The blocky fruits are produced in abundance, have a crisp texture and deliciously sweet flavour.

Pea Half Pint - This very old, first early variety is remarkably winter-hardy, and gives a good crop of tasty peas on really neat, compact plant. It can even be grown in small pots, and is great fun for growing with children. It has also been known as 'Tom Thumb'.

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