PLANT!T Vermiculite

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PLANT!T Vermiculite is a firm favourite with avid gardeners, due to its excellent water retention properties, and ability to be added to any growing media. Vermiculite is a natural, sterile, soft mica mineral with great water holding and insulation properties. It also offers a high cation exchange capacity which means it will slowly release nutrients back to your plant which it has absorbed during watering.

Vermiculite can also aid propagation when used as a top layer, as it reduces evaporation and can help ensure the seed case is lost. Using Vermiculite also reduces plant stress in extreme weather conditions due to its insulation properties.

Vermiculite is safe to handle, odourless, lightweight and easy-to-use.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves air balance
  • Increases water retention
  • Helps to maintain an even temperature
  • Holds and makes the available nutrients readily available for plants due to ‘cation exchange’ properties

Vermiculite can be used:

  • Alone as a seed starting medium or mixed with compost at 50/50 rate
  • For seed germination, pricking out, potting-on and plants in containers or tubs
  • Used for pricking out or potting on
  • In larger pots and containers to decrease the weight and improve water retention

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