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Patio Fruit Plant Collection

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Patio Fruit Plant Collection

Rubus fruiticosus, Rubus idaeus

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Why not create a mini fruit farm on your patio with these two excellent varieties suitable for growing in containers? Supplied as large 2lt potted plants, both have been bred to be compact and manageable and will do well in a sheltered, sunny position.

Raspberry Ruby Beauty -A very welcome recent introduction which makes home-grown raspberries easy for everyone. This thornless, dwarf (up to 1m/3ft) plant forms a compact and busy habit perfectly suited for container growing. Expect up 1.5kg of fruit from each plant. Easy to net with no need of support. Pot your plant on into a 10ltr container or simply plant in to your border. Spacing of 70cm is ideal when planting Ruby Beauty to create edible hedge.
The fruit is produced early in the summer (July), after that we recommend cutting off any old canes to make room for new ones to grow on for the next year's harvest.

Blackberry Reuben - Expect huge, juicy berries fruiting on the current season's wood! They crop from September to November and are mouth wateringly good. Eat them straight from the bush or try to get them home for the apple and blackberry pie without eating them! Reuben has berries which are twice the size of normal blackberries with some reaching plum size. Perfect for open ground or even containers on the patio with trellis or supports holding the 2m high canes

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