Long Cropping Blueberry Fruit Plant Collection

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3 x 2ltr plants, 1 of each

Vaccinium corymbosum

From 19th June 2024.

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Our great all season blueberry collection contains 3 great varieties:
Draper - This large berried blueberry is our early to mid-season favourite, fruiting from late July until mid-August depending on location. The bushes are highly productive and the large, firm berries have a crisp and sweet flavour which sets the mouth tingling. Extremely resistant to common diseases.
Bluecrop - This is the most widely grown blueberry in the world. There's a reason for that. It's reliable, very high yielding with an excellent flavour - not quite as sweet as some blueberries. Bluecrop has a nice "bite". The mid-season fruits are a delightful powder-blue colour and the bush is incredibly vigorous and establishes quickly and strongly. The autumn colour is tremendous with beautiful deep red leaves.
Aurora - Our new recommendation for a very late variety - late August and September. A very dark coloured large berry which must be picked when it is fully ripe to get the best from it - a rich, all-round tart flavour which jazzes up the breakfast cereal! The strong growing plants are highly productive.
All supplied in 2 litre pots.

Last autumn we took the decision to offer all of our potted fruit in 2 litre pots instead of 9cm pots. In many instances, the price remained the same but you get a larger plant that’ll establish sooner and as a consequence, fruit earlier and longer too. The plants are, on average, a year older than 9cm potted varieties and due to the larger pot, the roots have more room to grow and develop which in turn allows them to absorb more nutrition, resulting in stronger and healthier plants.

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