July Vegetable Seed Collection

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SAVE £11.20 on this fantastic seed collection! Available to Gardeners World subscribers, these seeds can be sown throughout June and July, ready for you to enjoy crops in months to come. This collection features 10 varieties, including:

Sweet Basil - a lovely herb, great with tomatoes, chicken, salads and fish.

Beetroot Moneta - A bolt-resistant variety, that requires little thinning.

Coriander Cilantro - fantastic in many dishes, producing masses of large, fragrant leaves.

Corn Salad Elan - A popular, easy to grow and high yielding salad leaf. Pick whole or as 'cut and come again' leaves to add interest to salads.

Pak Choi Blizzard - British-bred Blizzard F1 is slower to bolt in our summers than many varieties. The heads mature quickly and are just the job for stir fries and many other Oriental dishes.

Radicchio Cesare - This Italian strain produces heads rather like iceberg lettuces, but it has a more robust, slightly bitter flavour.

Onion White Lisbon - Regarded by many as THE spring onion, it is easy to grow, fast growing and has a great taste. Sow little and often to ensure a fresh, regular supply.

Turnip Golden Ball - Yellow skinned and with a sweet, yellow flesh, Golden Ball is one of the best maincrop turnips. It is also a good keeper and a fine variety for exhibition work.

Strawberry Toscana - It's fantastically decorative with dark pink blossoms but also produces up to 1kg of delicious cone-shaped fruits per plant! A true star!

Cabbage Duncan - A versatile variety which can be harvested as 'spring greens' or allowed to mature into dense, pointed heads.

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