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Honeyberry Fruit Plants

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2x 2ltr Potted Plants

Lonicera caerulea

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Honeyberry, is this the new superfood? This form of edible honeysuckle (Lonicera caerulea var. Kamtschtica) originates from Siberia and is therefore ultra-hardy plus drought-tolerant and disease free. Also known as blue honeysuckle or edible honeysuckle.

Honeyberry is an attractive shrub, which grows 1.2m/4ft - 1.8m/6ft and produces a delicious crop of long, purple/blue fruits as early as May and they can remain productive for 30 years, so are great value for money.

The seedless honeyberries have a similar flavour to that of wild blueberries and can be eaten fresh, made into jam, jelly and ice cream and will also freeze successfully. Supplied in packs of 2x2ltr plants as two honeyberry plants are required for pollination of each other.

The 2ltr plants are, on average, a year older than 9cm potted varieties and due to the larger pot, the roots have more room to grow and develop which in turn allows them to absorb more nutrition, resulting in stronger and healthier plants.

Please note: These are sold in pairs because of the need for pollination. Due to these not being commonly planted in the majority of gardens we will always recommend that honeyberries should be planted in pairs or groups, as this will increase the rate of pollination and fruit production - we therefore will only sell them in pairs to ensure a good future fruit set.

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