Growpots x3 (twin pack)

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6x growpots

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Maximise your growing space with this award winning product - Save £6!

Growpots will increase crops by up to 40% and save water, time and effort. They stimulate rapid root growth, grow healthier plants, and give bigger crop yields. Growpots always produce stronger, healthier plants by feeding fibrous roots through the inner ring - this stimulates rapid root growth and huge crop yields.

Use less water - Growpots use 30% less water than traditional growing methods. Water in the outer Ring and it all goes into the grow bag or into the soil. The watering spikes ensure all the water is used by the plants. Simple, no mess and no waste.

100% recycled plastic - tough, durable pots will give many years of use. Growpots can be re-used year after year - simply wash, clip and store.

Maximise your growing space - Growpots fit easily on to Grow Bags, raised beds, soil beds, and pots, in greenhouses or the open ground – with no sharp teeth.

Now with new water spikes, to ensure water and feed travels at a regulated flow to exactly where it is needed: direct to the roots.

  • Regular water flow stimulates rapid root growth and healthy plants
  • Each pot holds up to 2.25 litres
  • Easy watering - simply fill the outer ring and leave to seep into the compost
  • No wastage - every drop of water is used

Growpots are ideal for tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, herbs and many more.

Full diameter - 27cm/2.5in
Inner ring diameter - 15.5cm/6in
Outer ring diameter - 18cm/7in

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