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Gourmet Garlic, Onion and Shallot Collection

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1 pack of each variety

Allium cepa, Allium ascalonicum, Allium sativum ophioscorodon

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This carefully selected Gourmet Garlic, Onion and Shallot Collection contains 1 pack of each variety:

Garlic Czechmate- 2 bulbs
New and exclusive for autumn 2018, Czechmate is an exotic hardneck garlic originating from Moravia in the Czech Republic. Trialled and bred by the team from the world renowned Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight, it’s an autumn planting variety which is best planted in October but before January at the latest.

Czechmate develops a glazed purple skin which thinly veils a beautifully striped purple bulb underneath, containing perfectly formed large, plump purple cloves packed tightly around a hardneck stem. Hot and spicy, it delivers a stronger flavour than most other UK garlics and has pronounced heat which is excellent for creating full flavoured dishes, an essential ingredient for Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. A vigorous variety, it has intermediate rust resistance.

Onion Radar- 250g pack approx 80 sets
If you experience severe winters, try ultra-hardy Radar as it puts up with the worst of the weather much better than many older varieties. This outstanding performer has a mild and crisp flavour.
No kitchen garden is complete without onions - and planting our sets this autumn means you will have a supply early next summer just as stored bulbs are scarce and before next season’s maincrop is ready. All of our bulbs are certified as disease and virus free.

Shallot Jermor- 20 shallots
The very best for flavour, Jermor is a true French longue type, bred in the southern Rhone valley. The copper skinned bulbs have a crisp, pink flesh, tinged white. It is a very popular exhibition variety, but it is equally popular in the kitchen for its excellent sweet taste. Stores well

Sweeter and milder than onions, shallots have twice the amount of vitamin C and are also rich in vitamins A, B and E. They are invaluable in sauces, dressings, and salads, and notice how often TV chefs use them. This variety is really special and give great results when planted in the autumn. All of our bulbs are certified as disease and virus free.We supply individual, mature bulbs which, when re-planted, grow on to form clusters of up to 7 shallots usually ready to harvest in July.

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