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Fruit Starter Pack

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Fragaria x ananassa, Rubus idaeus, Ribes nigrum, Rheum rhabarbarum

From 02nd June 2024

Join the 'home grown' revolution and grow your way to 5-a-day!

This is the easy way to start your very own fruit garden on your plot, renew some of your older plants or even plant up a few pots on the patio for a handy scrumptious dessert.

Our Fruit Starter Pack contains the following plants:

10 Strawberry Malwina - our favourite late fruiting variety.

6 Raspberry Polka - a fantastic Autumn cropping raspberry.

1 Blackcurrant Ebony - the sweetest and largest blackcurrant in our range.

2 crowns of Rhubarb Timperley Early – the earliest of all rhubarbs with long, tender, red stalks.

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