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At all NVS shows there is a class for a collection of six kinds of vegetables. Winning this class is a very prestigious achievement as it demonstrates the skill required to grow a number of different vegetable varieties to exhibition standard. We’ve put together a seed range including many of the specific varieties that have won previously, so that you can enter next year!

What’s more, you’ll save £3.00 on buying them individually.

Collection contains 6 packets, 1 packet each of:

Carrot Sweet Candle F1 - This superb carrot is rapidly building up quite a reputation with exhibitors! Roots are very uniform, smooth-skinned and blunt-ended. Both internal and external colour are superb and the delicious, cylindrical roots are topped with strong, vigorous foliage. 300 seeds.

Cauliflower Raleigh F1 - Pinking' is a curse for the showman, but the deep, top quality curds of this splendid variety remain white because even when mature they are really well protected by the foliage. 30 seeds.

Celery Starburst F1 - A most impressively long variety, which not only eats wonderfully well, bit is also well up to the mark for exhibition work too. The stalks are strong, broad and pink-tinged towards the base. A fine future awaits this excellent trench celery. 50 seeds.

Runner Bean Enorma (Red Flowered) - This is, of course, one of the outstanding runners for exhibition work (and has been for many years), but grow it also for its high yields of tasty pods, which can often reach 50cm/20in long. 70 seeds.

Parsnip Panorama F1 - Strong resistance to canker is the hallmark of this long-rooted variety. Hybrid vigour ensures large, weighty roots, which are full of flavour and may be lifted for several months without losing condition. 200 seeds.

Onion Exhibition - This splendid new variety is well named, as we predict a bright future for it on the show bench - while its mild flavour and crisp texture mean it will also be in demand in the kitchen. The golden-skinned, well-shaped bulbs can reach 6in across when well grown, and are most attractive. 120 seeds.

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