Envirotect- Weather and Pest Protection

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The long life alternative to lightweight (17g) Fleece.
Protects against weather, insects, pests and birds with water, light and air passing through the material. Envirotect protects against the birds, conserves the moisture, giving quicker and more even germination. Unlike fleece cane be reused many times.
Crop cover woven from strips of a very soft polyethylene. Laid over the crop it provides a micro climate to encourage the growth of seeds and young plants. The effect is similar to normal garden fleece but it is much stronger and more durable.
How to use it:
Vegetables and salads
Cover the crop immediately after sowing and planting. Secure on all sides with ground staples, stones and timber or get the edges buried. Leave some slack for plants to grow.
Crops should not remain covered for more than six to eight weeks. Potatoes may be covered until the danger of frost has passed.
Please remember to uncover flowering plants which depend on insect for pollination.
To minimise the effect of “shock” avoid removing the Envirotect during periods of bright sunlight or low temperature.
Can be reused many times, may be washed at low temperatures with mild detergent.
Size 2m x 5m

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