Empathy AfterPlant Basket and Patio Flowering Plants Feed and Biostimulant 1ltr

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A pure blend of high-quality liquid seaweed extract and plant derived amino acid biostimulant, auxin's and cytokines designed to feed soil microbes and stimulate healthy plant growth and flower development. High in potash. Includes essential trace elements for greater flowering and fruiting. Contains sustainably harvested kelp extracts.

Organic based biostimulant will encourage strong root and shoot growth and stimulate soil microbes, such as mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria, that are essential for efficient uptake and exchange of nutrients and trace elements.

Can be applied as a root drench and foliar feed to all plants. Suitable for use with all flowering plants. Sufficient for 50 water cans (9ltr).

  • More abundant and prolonged flowering
  • Kick starts beneficial soil microbes
  • Suitable for all flowering plants
  • Stimulates vigorous healthy growth
  • Helps pest and disease resistance
  • Formulated to reduce chemical use in gardening by increasing the natural biology in roots, soils, and substrates. Highly effective, environmentally friendly, and easy to use.
Directions for use:
Watering can equal to 4.5ltr, 1 capful is approx 10ml.
Shake well before use. Measure the required amount of liquid, add to water, and stir well. Apply using a watering can.

Seedlings and young plants: 2 capfuls in 4.5ltr of water. Apply as root drench every 3 – 4 days until potting on.
Pots, basket, and bedding plants in soil: 4 capfuls in 4.5ltr of water. Apply as root drench every 7 days: avoid contact with flowers & foliage
Increase frequency or concentration as plants establish.

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