Darlac Tri-Blade Shear with Fibre Glass Handles

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THREE bladed shear! A brilliant new innovation. Trim hedges in far less time than it takes using a traditional two bladed shear. The two outer blades of these high spec shears are Teflon coated to reduce friction and alleviate the likelihood of rust forming. The central blade is chrome armoured and completely heat-treated, this acts as a central point of focus. Consumer focused trials have reported greater speed is unquestionably one of the major benefits. The trials have also reported improved accuracy of cut as the central blade remains static, whilst the outer blades cut against it. Three different options available. Blade dimension 23cm, Measurement: Height 60cm, Width 19cm, Depth 8cm, Weight 990g

Maintenance: Clean, sharpen and oil.

For comprehensive care and garden secateur maintenance advice, check out the Darlac "A Pruner for Life" guide here.

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