Darlac Telescopic Hedge Shear

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1 x Telescopic Hedge Shear

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Strength and comfort combined

This very popular shear combines the best of both worlds. It’s lightweight, with oval profile handles for strength and comfort, and an adjustable height, allowing you to use them for longer periods.

While the wavy blades help to trap growth, the Teflon coating of the blades helps to reduce the friction, making these shears the perfect solution for all green growth and light woody growth. The easy-to-operate Flip-Lok extension system is easy to extend to get to those hard to reach places and can be retracted for easy storage.

Blade dimension 22cm

Measurement: Height 66cm, Width 20cm, Depth 4cm, Weight 1084g

Maintenance: Clean, sharpen and oil.

For comprehensive care and garden pruner maintenance advice, check out the Darlac A Pruner for Life guide here.

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