Darlac Perennial Shear

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1 x Perennial Shear

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The Perennial Shear provides an effortless cutting action, allowing for long term use in the garden when trimming ornamental grasses, shaping topiary, deadheading annuals and perennials and for harvesting herbs. It’s incredibly lightweight, can be used single-handedly, and includes a safety catch that easily swings back to allow you complete control when you need it. The shear is also brilliant for cutting right down to the tip of the blade, making pruning back lavender and other swathes of growth, simple to do.

Blade dimension 15cm, Cut capacity 5mm

Measurement: Height 30cm, Width 6cm, Depth 2cm, Weight 282g

Maintenance: Clean, sharpen and oil.

For comprehensive care and garden pruner maintenance advice, check out the Darlac A Pruner for Life guide here.

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