Coco Grow Pure Coir Seed Germination Dots

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50 x 40mm Dots

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Natural and 100% PEAT FREE - made from 100% Natural Coconut husks, after harvesting, it is stored, ground, washed, dried, and compressed. Coco Coir is a natural by-product of the coconut farming industry and causes minimal impact on the environment and it is the most environmentally friendly alternative to peat moss.

If you enjoy raising your plants from seed but hate the hassle, you might want to try COCO DOTS. For germination of seeds, pellets are an easy, fast, and clean method. When compared to peat pellets, coir discs for seed planting are an eco-friendly option.

Coir pellets for seed planting are fungus free. Coir readily absorbs and holds water yet does not become supersaturated and soggy. The material remains loose for improved root formation and the netting surrounding the ground coconut hulls retains the shape of the pellet.

size: 40mm

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