Bird Food Berry Feast Mix 12.75kg

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12.75KG bag

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This all-round favourite mix is ideal for use with seed feeders and tabletops. Comes enriched with Rowan Berries, antioxidant rich Cranberries, protein rich split peanuts and high energy Black Sunflower seeds.
Ideal for use with seed feeders and tabletops.
Attracts: visiting Waxwings, Redwings and other Thrushes, Robins, Blackbirds, Tits, Finches, Sparrows, and Siskins.
Ingredients: Whole Wheat, Base Seed, Cut Maize, Red Dari, Flaked Maize, Black Sunflower Seeds, Split Peanuts, Cranberries, Rowanberries, Soya Bean Oil.
Blended in UK.
A complementary food for wild birds. May contain Nuts. Please keep away from children and Pets. Not intended for human consumption. Store in a cool and dry place.
Supplied in 12.75kg bags.

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