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Barbeque Herb Plant Collection

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Antheum graveolens, Rosemarinus officinalis, Origanum vulgare

Many people use a dry rub on their meats to flavour them when grilling. This imparts great flavour, but using fresh herbs really packs a punch. Fresh herbs exude copious flavinoids that not only increase the flavour and aroma of a dish but also impart health benefits not found in dried herbs. Perfect for growing on the patio or nearby in the border so that they are quickly at your fingertips. Trim regularly to ensure fresh new growth. Supplied in 9cm pots.

Our collection contains 6 potted plants, 2 each of the following varieties:

Dill - A mild and warm flavour with a hint of aniseed aroma. Great with potatoes, salmon or chicken as well as in BBQ marinades and salads.

Rosemary - The perfect companion for lamb and many French and Italian dishes. Give it a sunny, well drained position and it is then usually hardy.

Oregano Hot and Spicy - An absolute favourite of ours, a traditional flavour coupled with a slightly spicy kick. Perfect for adding to meats on the BBQ, fajitas or homemade pizzas.

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