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Fruit Tree Guide

Fruit Tree Guide

Growing your own fruit trees is incredibly rewarding and the taste of the fruit picked is truly delicious- fresh, tangy and nutritious. Our range has been chosen with care and offers varieties which perform well in the UK, cropping readily for many years and providing structure and character to our gardens.

Some varieties are self-fertile, perfect if you only have room for one or two trees, but we also list the pollination group for each variety we sell – helpful if you want to add to your collection further down the line.

The vast majority of our range are offered as field grown, bare root trees. All are dug to order, hand graded and delivered, by courier, in specially designed boxes to ensure they arrive with you in a condition you'd expect. Some of our varieties are sold as containerised trees, and, as above, are despatched in strong and sturdy boxes and despatched by courier. All of our trees are supplied with a full and complete growing guide.

Pollination Groups

Most gardens provide good pollination due to the close proximity to other gardens with fruit trees growing in them, so it's not always necessary to have pollinators in your garden. However, if you have no other fruit trees close by, then select two varieties in the same group, or the adjoining group – so, for example, varieties in group 2 or 4 will pollinate varieties in group 3 (please see individual product listings for pollination groups) - It's also worth remembering that some varieties are self-fertile.

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