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Potato Red King Edward (Maincop)

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Solanum tuberosum

Despatches From 11th January 2022

Unfortunately, we have been advised by our grower that our crop of the potato variety Red King Edward has failed certification by plant health inspectors, and we are no longer able to supply this variety for the remainder of this season.
Up until point of lifting from the field the crop had looked very good, however we take quality control very seriously and unfortunately the crop failed the strict quality controls of both the industry and our own. Being a very specialist heritage variety there is only 1 grower of this variety in Great Britain for commercial seed use this year and therefore there will be none available to the market for the 2022 season.
We can however highly recommend the following varieties as alternatives for you to consider:
King Edward – hugely popular original variety. Setanta – great taste and very versatile. Vales Sovereign – top in many taste tests. Apache – Contrasting colours for something different on the dinner table. Mayan Rose – unique coloured skin with an excellent flavour.

This rare heritage variety dates from around 1916 when it was discovered growing as a sport of King Edward. Tubers are large in size with an attractive red and white skin. The flesh is creamy in colour with an extremely floury texture and a superb flavour, so tasty that many people prefer it to the original King Edward variety! Excellent mashing and baking qualities, when our potato buyer trialled these in their own garden they declared they were the best roast potatoes they have ever tried! To retain the attractive appearance, try cooking with the skin on.

A number of the seed potato varieties in our range are classic heritage varieties that have been favourites of ours for many years – some we’ve kept in the range since way back in 1908 when D.T. Brown was first established in 1908!
Some heritage varieties have been steadily gaining in popularity with our customers in recent years – and we believe there are good reasons for them making such a comeback or remaining so popular. Heritage varieties have unbeatable flavours and reliability of course….and many gardeners like the fact that there’s a story behind the varieties they grow.

Potatoes are one of the most rewarding vegetables to grow. There’s the nurturing process of chitting, planting and earthing-up, the anticipation of a good harvest as you dig through the soil and, of course, the unbeatable taste of fresh, home-grown, potatoes.

All potatoes (except for maincrops) will benefit from ‘chitting’ prior to planting out. The chitting process encourages the seed to sprout, which then when planted, helps them to establish more readily, leading to bigger crops. Simply place them, blunt end up, in an old egg box until the shoots are approximately 1½ to 2½cm (½ to 1in).

Potatoes are delivered in 1.5kg bags, each pack containing approx. 15-20 tubers.

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