Foodies Favourite Herb Plant Collection (EARLY)

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6 x 9cm Potted Plants (EARLY)

Artemisia dranunculus, Thymus citriodorus, Petroselinum crispum, Mentha spicata, Salvia officinalis Purpurascens, Allium schoenoprasum

Despatches From 19th March 2024.

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Feel the self-satisfaction when you add herbs to your recipes grown from your own garden or allotment. What a tasty treat! Not only are they easy to grow, you can grow them in your plots, garden borders, patio pots near the back door, window boxes or hanging baskets. Plant them in a sunny position, where you are able to enjoy their aroma. You will be able to start picking the fresh leaves as soon as they arrive.

This collection of our favourites will supply the essential herbs for your kitchen, one each of the following:

  • French Tarragon - A delicious herb and great paired with chicken and fish. Also add a few sprigs to flavour vinegar to make a superb salad dressing.
  • Chives - The must have herb. The leaves have a mild onion flavour which when finely chopped can be added to many dishes, we love it chopped into scrambled eggs.
  • Lemon Thyme - A wonderful and unique flavour adding citrus notes to meat and fish dishes. Looks very attractive grown in pots and window boxes.
  • Garden Mint - The traditional garden mint, full of flavour and superb for making mint sauce or adding to new potatoes when cooking.
  • Purple Sage - Strong and robustly flavoured and much famed for adding to stuffing, especially with pork or poultry. Evergreen foliage.
  • Curled Parsley - Deserves a place in every garden, dark green and very curly.
  • Planting & Harvesting

    • Sow Indoors
    • Sow/Plant Outside
    • Flowers/Harvest

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