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Autumn Planting Raspberry Collection

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9 bare root canes

Rubus idaeus

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Our autumn planting Raspberry collection comprises of 3 canes each of the following varieties:

A sport of the famed Autumn Bliss, we believe the large, golden yellow berries of Allgold are sweeter than and superior to those of its parent. An outstanding autumn cropper, it is truly delicious and any surplus (unlikely due to irresistibility!) can be frozen.text and format it using the toolbar.

When we replaced Autumn Bliss with Joan J we knew you would be impressed. Now it is time to confirm our replacement for top selling Joan J. A multi-award winner at the National Fruit Show, Polka has exceptional fruit quality and the large, medium red berries are full of fragrant zesty flavour.
Bred in Poland with Autumn Bliss as one of its parents, the virtually spine-free raspberry canes will yield double the crop of Autumn Bliss and Polka crops up to 2 weeks earlier, from late July to October. Polka even grows well on less desirable soils.

Autumn Bliss
This variety will provide flavoursome fruits with a good shelf-life from July right through to the first frosts in October. Short, erect canes make it easy to grow.

Our specially selected canes are propagated from disease-free certified stock, and will have well developed root systems when you receive them, so they will establish well and give excellent yield. Floricane varieties fruit on canes produced in the previous year while Primocane varieties produce fruits on current season growth. Delivered as bare root canes

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