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Autumn Garlic Bulb Collection

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4 Bulbs and 6 Cloves

Allium ampeloprasum, Allium sativum ophioscorodon, Allium sativum

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All of the varieties in this collection are ideal for planting in the Autumn, establishing quickly in soil warmed by the sun from the summer.

This super saver collection consists of 2 bulbs each of Garlic Solent Wight and Carcassonne Wight and 10 cloves of Elephant Garlic:

Solent Wight (Softneck) 2 Bulbs - The best keeping garlic we know, excellent for storing, with bulbs keeping into March and beyond. This superb, softneck strain yields very large bulbs with densely packed cloves, a strong and fresh aroma and an outstanding flavour.

Carcassone Wight (Hardneck) - Perfectly suited to UK conditions, this variety grows with great vigour to yield exceptional pink cloves and a good skin cover. Splendidly fragrant cloves and a flavour that carries through well into cooking. Expect 50-70mm bulbs in July.

Elephant Garlic 6 Cloves - Not quite a 'true garlic' but can be treated as such, huge bulbs up to 15cm(6in) across. The large and juicy cloves have a mild, sweet flavour and are lovely when roasted. Highly ornamental too with beautiful flower heads up to 1.5m(5ft) tall.

Each year we work with our friends at the Garlic Farm, one of the world’s leading garlic farms, and all of our garlic is sourced from them ensuring we always supply superior top quality garlic from expert growers. Easy to grow and care for, it can even be grown in pots on the patio!

You should always buy garlic from a reputable source and never plant shop bought, cooking garlic. All of our bulbs are certified as disease and virus free.

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